The World Ending Updates Continue! Alejandra and Astaroth – Movie Night!

Like the title says, the updates from 2011 continue. This time Astaroth and Alejandra are relaxing and watching a scary movie! Well, as much as one can relax while watching a scary movie! Teasing ensues when Alejandra gets a bit scared, but as always Alejandra gets her revenge in the end.

Hope you enjoy sharing Movie Night with them!

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Oh no! A KigCafe update! It must be the end of the world!

Well it’s the end of a few things. Namely my laziness in not updating, and of course the old year is ending tonight as well! Hopefully my New Year’s Resolution will be to actually kig and update more often!

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Turkeyday Surprise!

Surprise! Astaroth and Miharu are together for Thanksgiving! We did two webcams, there are no photos of the second one in pajamas but there are photos of the first in Good Girl/Bad Girl apparel. Unfortunately there is no video, didn’t think it through all the way since it was a last minute idea. But Miharu is being played by Odette and Astaroth is the real Miharu. =3

Miharu does the dishes at Reika’s party!

Reika’s 8th anniversary party was pretty fun! This picture is of me doing a few dishes to make sure they were clean for cake. I had forgotten we needed to do dishes and was already in suit when I realized it (hehe). So I had to improvise a way to do dishes while still dressed as Miharu, I got some of the non-allergenic gloves I got for making kigurumi masks (which are too thin unfortunately) and did the dishes. Thankfully they kept my hands clean and dry while washing forks in this picture. Reika took this picture with her cell phone I think, or tiny camera, though I’m pretty sure it was the cell phone. =3